Code of Ethics


  1. Persons served must always be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of disability or other potential deficit areas.
  2. The input of persons served in the rehabilitation process is not only important but it is paramount.  That input should always be accepted in a respectful manner.
  3. Persons served give up no legal rights when they join Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises, Inc.  Hence, an individual’s legal rights must be respected at all times.
  4. An atmosphere must be maintained in which those served may learn and develop.
  5. The agency must be ever mindful of the attitudinal, architectural, and communications barriers that may exist in the agency.  Where barriers exist, the agency must consider corrective action.
  6. Community members shall be treated in a manner that creates trust in our agency and promotes their support for the persons we serve.
  7. Community members shall be communicated to in a manner that promotes a better understanding of the capabilities and potential of the persons we serve.

Staff will:

  1. Do their best to see that Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises, Inc. meets the needs of persons served.
  2. Respect the value and dignity of all individuals.
  3. Do their best to create and maintain a climate of loyalty, trust, and mutual respect.
  4. Support a work atmosphere where the work of each individual is respected as important.
  5. Support a work atmosphere that is open and not secretive while being mindful of the need for confidentiality.
  6. Support the decisions of management.
  7. Be loyal to the agency.  Staff will refrain from doing anything that might bring discredit to the agency.
  8. Uphold all applicable laws and regulations, going beyond the letter of the law to protect and enhance Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises, Inc.’s ability to meet its mission.
  9. Be a responsible steward of Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises, Inc.’s resources.
  10. Strive for personal and professional growth to improve effectiveness.
  11. Carefully consider the public perception of their personal and professional actions, and the effect those actions could have on Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises, Inc.’s reputation in the community and elsewhere.
  12. The essential values and ethical behaviors required include clear understanding of MORE’S vision, mission and philosophy & values statement. It also includes:
  • Placing personal commitment to MORE above self-interest,
  • Obedience of and commitment to the law
  • Respect for the value and dignity of all individuals
  • Truthfulness and  fairness
  • Commitment to apply resources responsibly
  • Striving for excellence in all work performed