Community Access Program

CAP is our Adult Development Center, providing a 1:4 staff to client ratio.  Activities include basic living skills, social activities, vocational training, banking, survival reading, food service and other basic skills.  The focus is on integration into the community, and much time is spent on outings to museums, cultural festivals, the theatre, shopping, banking, volunteering and other community based activities.  The Community Access Program is the umbrella program containing the components of Creative Arts, Life Skills, Job Skills, and Classics.


The Life Skills Department at M.O.R.E. covers a substantial variety of skills and subjects including, but certainly not limited to, basic math, reading and writing, gardening, cooking, health and nutrition, personal relationships, emotional well-being, computer, and community access/transit skills. Each class not only involves the subject at hand, but breaks the subject down to each individual’s learning style and personal goals. Classes also cover safety and social skills as they relate to each subject.

The focus of the Life Skills department is to promote independence, and empower each individual to be as productive and involved in the community as they desire to be.


Job Skills provides on the job training and simulated work skills training.  Our goal is to provide training to increase an individuals employability in the community.


Classics provides options for people who consider themselves “retired” from earning a paycheck and want to experience the lighter side of life.  Many participate 2-3 days/week and enjoy planning their own community centered activities. Our classics program serves the special needs of our older population who want a slower pace and time to relax in between their other activities.