Creative Arts

By definition the word creative is “to have the quality of something created rather than imitated.” In Creative Arts this quality is achieved through common dignity, opportunity, decisions and the process of creating versus “mass production”. Three integral facets of this process are Respect: for the individual, the art piece and all who walk through our doors; Responsibility: for our resources, our time, our peers and our actions; and last is Choice: ranging from the place we would like to sit to the paint we would like to use, choice is the backbone to our program.

Outsider Art is a label fitting of the art conceived in the Creative Arts component of M.O.R.E. Outsider Art is by broad definition raw art created outside the bounds of any institution or cultural barriers;  honest art that speaks to the inner most workings of the human psyche.

Artists  receive instruction in singing, music, painting, photography, drama, and much more.  Their work is displayed in “The Something MORE Art Gallery” and they perform in several presentations throughout the year.

The people we serve are on their way to becoming accomplished artists, musicians, painters or sculptors.